Jul 26, 2014

RECAP Curaçao

My holiday in Curaçao was perfect. I really enjoyed the time with my boyfriend. It was a real relax holiday. I spent a lot of time at the beaches or we toured a lot with the car around the island. A holiday that I will never forget. Curacao is one of my favorite travel places now.

The last couple of weeks I showed you 5 different outfits what I wore on my trip. From beach outfits to night outfits. Thanks to this outfits I started to enjoy making pictures of my outfits and I continue to do the same back in Holland. So this blog is now more a fashionblog. I always loved fashion and I think this is what I want to do for a long time. So long as I wil enjoy it.

My favorite outfit from Curaçao is the flower dress from Forever21. It's perfect for the summer and the hot weather. The dress is really cute.


  1. that flower dress really is adorable- i really like its neckline. and this looks like a lovely vacation- lots and lots of beach and sun time :)

    xo marlen
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  2. Great picutes, you have a great fashion sense :)