Sep 29, 2015

Pop Of Color

Shirt: Forever 21 (HERE) / Jeans: H&M / Heels: Forever21 (old, similar HERE) /Bag: Mango (sold out) / Earrings: Happiness Boutique c/o (HERE)

I have a thing for earrings, big statement earrings. I love it and I love them more then necklaces. I found these perfect ones at Happiness Boutique. A cute webshop with a lot of great accessories and clothes. Heaven for me! I think the earrings are bringing this basic outfit to a whole new level. They are really popping. It's just an idea to show you how you can make a normal outfit, to special outfit with just one item.


Sep 26, 2015

Olive It The New Black

Dress: Shein c/o (HERE) / Top: H&M / Skirt: Zara (old) / Heels: Forever21 (HERE) / Bag: Ebay

I love this dress from Shein so much. It's the perfect fall colour.The only problem is that it is very sheer. I solved the problem to wear a basic black top and skirt as undergarments. Problem solved!

Some people who follow my blog for a long time, know that I had some medical problems last year. But it was a wrong diagnose. I'm better know and feeling so good and strong. I'm back at school and a psychology student. Finally doing something what I like and getting my life back on track.

Sep 24, 2015


Jacket: Shoeby (similar HERE, love THIS ONE) / Top: Forever21 (old) / Skirt: Forever21 (HERE) / Heels: Forever21 (HERE)

I almost forget to post this outfit. I shot it two weeks ago, when the weather was still nice. Right now, it's raining and you need to wear boots.. There will be gorgeous fall outfits on the blog soon.


Sep 17, 2015

The last little bit of summer

Blouse: H&M (sold out, similar HERE) / Trousers: Forever21 (old, similar HERE) / Heels: Forever21 (HERE) / Bag: Ebay  / Earrings: Six / Necklace: Handmade by me (similar HERE) / Sunglasses: RayBan

This is probably one of the last warm days in Holland. So, I thought I need to enjoy this and wear something what is great for summer weather. I wish it could stay this all year around. I'm living in the wrong country for that. Fall is on his way and it will be in no time that I need to wear coats and boots again. I'm a spring/summer girl. The only thing what I like about the winter are the cosy nights with candals on and a cup of hot tea and when it start snowing. That's what I like about the winter.


Sep 15, 2015

NEW IN: Forever21 Lace Up Faux Suede Pumps

I have a thing with Forever21 shoes. The most shoes that I have are from Forever21 and when I saw these gorgeous pumps, I couldn't resist them. So, I bought them. And I do not reget it. They are so comfortable. I didn't expect that. They're also available in black. I'm thinking about buying them too. Maybe, I'm not sure right now. I already have so many shoes. But at the other hand, a girl can not have enough shoes. 

Sep 14, 2015

Cliff Hanger

Playsuit: Boohoo (HERE) / Heels: Forever21 (sold out, similar HERE)  / Sunglasses: RayBan

The last outfit from Curacao. Standing at the Rif St. Marie Coral Estate. A gorgeous park, with biggest and gorgeous houses. A friend of us lives there and we stayed at his place. We stay there every year, but next year possibly not. Because we want to make a road trip in the US in spring 2016. That's the plan right now.


Sep 12, 2015

The Basics

1. HERE / 2. HERE / 3. HERE / 4. HERE

Every closet needs basics. Basic shirts, basic tops, basic blouse. This are essentials for a perfect closet and outfit. The most of the time I buy my basics at H&M. I think H&M is the perfect brand when it comes to basic. And no, this is not an collaboration with H&M (I wish). But I just want to talk about my favorites and H&M is one of theme. I just order these 4 items, 2 blouses and 2 shirts. All basics. I was looking for an oversized light blue blouse for a long time and I finally found the perfect one. What is your favorite basic brand?

Sep 10, 2015

Klein Curacao

Top: H&M (similar HERE and HERE) / Bikini: HEMA 

When I see this photo's, I just want to jump in a plane and go back. Yes, I miss Curacao. And this day was wonderful. We where at Klein Curacao, a small island before the coast of Curacao. It has a dark history. During the slave time, sick slaves where dumped on this island. Some people say it's haunted. Well, I didn't see any ghost. But I had mixed feelings about going to the Island. I wanted to see the island, because of the history. Where other people just lay on the beach all day long, my boyfriend and I took a hike an visit to the old lighthouse. The only building on the Island. Such a small island, but so much history. In the afternoon we layed on the beach and took this pictures. 

Sep 8, 2015

Pink Sunset

Dress: BOOHOO / Shoes: H&M

It's really hard to take pictures when the sunset is already busy. But we tried. Sorry if there is color difference.

I miss Curacao already. Especially the warm sun. It's raining in the Netherlands and it's cold. Almost time for you wintercoat. But they say it's going to be better soon. I hope so.