Jan 31, 2017

TIME TO GET BACK IN SHAPE | Losing The Baby Weight #1

Jan 28, 2017

Casual Walk

Sweater: Romwe c/o / Tregging: H&M / Coat: DEPT / Shoes: Nike (Black HERE and Black/White HERE) / Scarf: Old one, don't know the brand anymore.

It's been such a long time, since I posted a outfit on my blog. The last one was in april 2016. The truth is, I hated my changing body during pregnancy. Well, I hated how big my breast grew. They where enormous. And they still are. They getting smaller slowly. I need to be patient with my breast.

I didn't gain much during pregnancy. Only 12 kg, but I still need to loose 3,5 kg. I'm eating healthy and started working out last week. It feels great to work out again. But again I need to be patient. I want to have my body back immediately, but I know that's not possible. I takes time and a lot of hard work. But I know I will get there again and maybe even better than I was before. Stronger and leaner.

One of the things that I like to do now is walking with my little girl. If the weather allows it, my husband and I will take a walk in the park nearby our home. It's feels good to take a breath of fresh air.

On this walk, I'm wearing casual comfort clothes. A cozy sweater from Romwe and the tregging from H&M is so great. I bought this one a couple of weeks after giving birth to Sienna, because I still couldn't wear all my normal jeans. I didn't want to buy an expensive jeans. I bought this one for only € 14,95. It's a great price for a tregging, that I will only wear untill I lost all the baby weight.


Jan 20, 2017


In this video I'm talking about my labor and delivery story and also about our time in the hospital with a premature baby.

Jan 15, 2017


Last Tuesday January 10 I filmed a whole day the show you guys how a day with a newborn looks like. Currently Sienna is 6 weeks old, but when I filmed this she was 5 weeks old. 

Sienna is doing so great. And I enjoy every minute with her. She is the cutest baby a life. But I think every mom thinks that of their childeren.

Jan 2, 2017


2016 was an AMAZING YEAR for me. I had my dream roadtrip in Florida, got pregnant, I married my soulmate and as a big suprise: I gave birth to our daughter. The due date was january 2th, but she was ready and she came 4 weeks earlier.