Jan 21, 2016

Blog Talking #1: Better planning, more updates

Well, it was a week with a lot of things to do and I wasn't feeling well. But I'm finally feeling better now. But the weather is against me. It's cold, there is fog or it is raining. Not the best weather for taking outfit photos. So, I'll have to wait. Now I understand why so many bloggers are going to a better climates area this time of year. Maybe I should do that too. I wish I was in a better climate right now. A warm one. Yes Please! 

But instead I will drink a cup of tea or a whole teapot and will wait for better days. Maybe I need to shoot more pictures often. Or more in one day. I still need to find a way to keep my blog updated more times a week. I need to make some changes and do better planning. Only this way my blog will be updated regularly. 


  1. I agree with you on this! It's a work in progress, and I definitely don't have it figured out, but it's definitely enjoyable learning along the way! I try and snap photos every chance I get, but I do get lazy about actually posting about them. Since I do it for myself (mainly), I haven't felt compelled to post regularly... yet! As long as it continues to be fun, that's the best! Your blog is so beautiful, so keep up what you're doing! :)


  2. Try to shoot some looks indoors, can be nice)