Nov 1, 2016

Life and Blog Update

Since I got pregnant, my blog was one of the last things that I thought about. Feeling sick in the beginning of my pregnancy and when I felt better, it's was time to plan my wedding. Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and a lot of work. And I still had to make decisions for school. I'm a psychology student and I needed to figure out what to do now that I was pregnant.

I took the summer off, to think about how to go further with school and to plan my wedding. 

I made some decisions for school and yes, I'm still going further. I'm still a psychology student at the University. But I needed to change my plans. With help from the university, I decided to do my second year in two years. This will give me more time and I'm able to take some time off. From december 2016 to April 2017 I'm taking a break from school. My due date is in the beginning of january and taking a break will give me time, to enjoy our little miracle and getting use to be a mom.

Another thing why my blog wasn't really updated, is that I needed to get used of my changing body. Suddenly, I didn't like fashion anymore. I still like fashion, but what I really mean is that I didn't like fashion for myself, with my changing and growing body. It was something that I needed to get used too. Because of this, I didn't post any outfit photos. It wasn't fun for me anymore. 

I'm still feeling this way. I still like fashion, but I think I have to wait after giving birth, before I will get that feeling back again.

The last couple of months gave me time to think what I should do with my blog. Quitting was something that came across my mind. But my instagram is still growing and some other social media's too. I still not figured out what to do with my blog. I know that things have to change and that I don't want to be just another fashion blog. 

The name of the blog is :LifeandStyleDiary and the last years I was more focussed on fashion that on lifestyle. But I have this desire to do something with lifestyle. I want to do more with lifestyle, but I still haven't figured out how I should do that.

I'm not quitting my blog, but I have to figure out what the next step for my blog is. I hope time will tell.

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